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Integrative approach

My way of working utilises the person-centred principles of non-judgement, unconditional acceptance and genuine empathy within a relational framework. Working in a relational way means that your thoughts, feelings and behaviours are understood as an adaptation to adversity as opposed to something being ‘wrong’ with you.

This new understanding paves the way for self-compassion and self-acceptance and can help you move away from self-judgement and self-rejection. It also helps you to identify the parts of yourself that feel unworthy of attention and love, and therefore empowers you to change the way you relate to yourself.

This can have a transformative effect, as if we learn to accept the wounded parts of ourselves, we no longer seek and crave the validation of others.

What you will get from the counselling process:

  • Understand your thoughts, emotions and beliefs from a relational perspective
  • Emotional education
  • Support with processing painful emotions
  • Develop your present moment awareness with meditation and mindfulness
  • Connect with your inner child and other wounded aspects of your psyche
  • Guided visualisations that support self-integration and healing
  • Feel seen, heard, understood, valued and respected
  • Feel safe within a trauma-informed space
  • Develop self-integrity, self-assuredness, self-acceptance and self-respect

I am also a registered member of the BACP and adhere to their ethical framework.

Tim Anderson
Integrative Counsellor MSc MBACP                       
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