Family Constellations

Family constellations is a therapeutic approach designed to reveal the hidden dynamics within a family or relationship. This helps to address any stressors that are impacting the relationship and to support healing.

Family constellations can help to bring insights and peace to a wide range of issues:

  • Recurrent emotional issues such as discontentment, rage, anxiety, depression, and lack of motivation
  • Illness, addictions and eating disorders
  • Bereavement, adoption and abortion
  • Family and relationship difficulties between partners and/or parents
  • Difficulties with conception
  • Recurrent life patterns of any kind

The person who brings their personal issue to the session is known as the issue holder. In a group workshop they used other people to represent their family members, whereas in a 1-on-1 session they use objects or pieces of paper. The set up of these people or objects and their relationship to one another is known at the constellation.

1-on-1 sessions

What type of constellation is set up is dependent on the issue the client would like to work on. They then place the objects in a place that intuitively feels right, being careful not to overanalyse or to avoid positions which feel uncomfortable. Clients are then guided to see how it feels to be in each position, relating to their felt-sense and to any other impressions which may arise. In this way, it is the client that picks up on the knowing field connected to each object, rather than having multiple human representatives as is the case with group work.

As with group work, the facilitator will guide the movement which will allow more peace and love to flow in the system, and free the client from entanglement with any ancestral traumas.

Group workshops

The ‘magic’ within this work is that those who are chosen to represent a family member subconsciously pick up on the feelings and/or characteristics of the person they are representing. This is possible through what is described as the ‘knowing field’, a level of reality which connects all of humanity both living and deceased. This phenomenon can be explained by the theory of Morphic Fields, which can be understood in more depth in the resources linked below.

By working with the knowing field, hidden dynamics can be revealed and inter-generational trauma can be acknowledged, processed and redirected to its rightful place. The facilitator helps to guide this process, being sensitive to each member of the family system that has been represented and the movements they are willing to make.

This process enables the issue holder to access a sense of relief and peace that they may not have been able to find through other therapeutic modalities.

Useful resources

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